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How to vote for Karla? 

REGISTER to Receive your Ballot in the mail. 

Do you live in district 62? Check out map. 

Things to Know! 

  • This is a small local race. 

  • 1st DEADLINE: You can only register and request a ballot  by or before Monday, January 11th. 

  • Save your voter ID # (it will be sent after you register)

  • 2nd DEADLINE: Return Your Ballot by Mail ASAP! Ballots must be received back in Sacramento by Wed, Jan 27th.

Why I'm Running for Delegate! 

I've been living in the Del Rey/Mar Vista community since 1997 (over 20 years). I love this community even though as a woman of color on the west side we are less represented, including my Latino [Spanish] speaking community. I want to change that. As Democrats, we should all be working together to improve this. 


I'm a mother, small business owner,  labor leader, and a very proud Democrat. After working on campaigns and in the labor movement for the past 15 years, I decided to launch my own political consulting firm in 2018 called “Pink Wave Campaigns,” while in business school. With its mission to help elect more Democratic women to public office - with a focus on progressive and pro-labor candidates. 


I have a B.A. in Political Science from California State University, Los Angeles, and an M.S. in Social Entrepreneurship from USC Marshall School of Business.


I'm passionate about democratic politics, workers' rights, women's rights, social impact, and uplifting communities of color,  I believe that electing the right people to office is essential, as is getting involved locally, and pushing the envelope. 


My earliest political efforts were as a community organizer on affordable housing and creating green jobs with POWER in Venice and in the Mar Vista Gardens (where I grew up as a teenager), and SCOPE/AGENDA in South LA. I have also worked extensively on political campaigns on behalf of AFSCME International and the L.A. County Federation of Labor, AFL CIO;  in Iowa on Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign, and many others here locally; in addition, I most recently was helping elect Joe Biden for President by organizing one of the affinity groups at the national level, “Salvadorenos Con Biden” - which ended up voting for Biden/Harris at 70% nationwide. Yeah! 


I volunteer with Girls on the Run- LA Chapter, L.A. Unions Cooperative Initiative (LUCI), and Barrio Silicon, a new startup and social enterprise in East L.A. I am also the co-founder of the L.A. Young Workers (LAYW) and am a proud card-carrying union member with AFSCME Local 741. 


As a delegate, I will continue to be that voice for the voiceless in our district, build coalitions with the community, democratic leaders, labor unions, and social entrepreneurs. I hope I can count on your support and vote.


#SiSePuede   #VoteforChange    #VoteKarlaSalazarforAD62

Need More Help! 

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