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30-Minutes Call

Schedule a complimentary call. We will talk about your race and how our services might best be tailored to your campaign or business. 


for Small Businesses, Non-Profits, Labor Unions, and Social Enterprises

If you're a business that needs assistance with

Social Media Marketing

  • manage Instagram, Facebook, and any other social media account. 

  • manage and set up digital advertising

  • create content that's aligned with the company's goals & mission

  • manage public relations activities to maximize media coverage 

  • execute social media campaigns that are effective and will maximize profits for local businesses

We're here to assist. Contact us today! 


for Small Businesses, Non-Profits, Labor Unions, and Social Enterprises

If you're a business that needs assistance with

Public Affairs

  • lobbying

  • government relations

  • PAC management


  • candidate/electoral campaigns and/or recalls

  • general campaign management

  • issue advocacy

  • ballot measures

  • independent expenditure (IE)

  • strategy/messaging

  • GOTV

Grassroots Organizing

  • field operations

  • community organizing

  • civic engagement​

We're here to assist. Contact us to discuss further. 


#PickYourService - Candidate Individual Service

Need more service than the DIY route, but not so much to engage my consulting on an ongoing basis?

We offer a la carte options for individual service, including:

  • campaign action plans

  • labor unions outreach 

  • political "mapping" for your district

  • personal introductions to your tailored contact list

  • endorsement coaching and preparation for Labor Unions and Democratic Party 

  • campaign staff training

  • website and social media content

  • message development

  • GOTV strategy

  • campaign management

Have another need in mind? Let us know and will try to accommodate you. 



Candidates in smaller markets, with smaller budgets, are best-served going the "DIY" route. 

The DIY Plan includes a tailored action plan to your race, a list of political contacts most relevant to your district, and a toolkit on how to raise funds. 



Candidates running for office in districts with higher expenditures may require more hands-on service, from writing an initial campaign action plan to endorsement coaching, campaign staff training, field strategy, campaign management, and more. 

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